Winter of the Gods

When I was in High School, our teacher assigned a book of mythology.  I think I was a Sophmore, and I’m pretty sure my teacher was one of those coaches who showed up for a year and did his time before moving on to a larger school in a larger town.  An argument could be made that these teachers left for public schools because we could be difficult.  Personally, I think we would have been far better behaved if books like Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians existed instead of the yawn-fest we were assigned.  Whoever compiled that book of myths had to work really hard to make it so boring.

Dark Invasion 1915: Germany’s Secret War & the Hunt for the First Terrorist Cell in America

Did you know that Germany placed secret agents in the United States during World War I?  And that they carried out terrorist actions on U.S. soil?  I certainly did not. But it happened, and it is better than fiction.