The Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase is a homeless kid living on the streets of Boston when he is attacked by a fantastic creature.  He finds out that is related to a Norse god, and that his destiny is bound to either saving or ending the world.  Armed with a magical sword, loyal friends, sarcasm, and a undying love of falafel, he rolls with it.  And adventure ensues.

Lily of the Nile

Most of us know the story of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.  I always thought of it as this golden moment in time, never really thinking too closely on the tragedy and historical resonance of the whole situation.  This book took me beyond that snapshot.

The Run

This book felt like an episode of a serial TV show like NCIS, only not quite as good.  Maybe like Hawaii 5-0.  Enjoyable enough characters, enough action to keep it interesting, and will be continued next week at the same day and time.