When I Found You

This was a Sunday-afternoon, can’t-think-of-a-thing-I’d-rather-do-than-read-this kind of book. Now, I realize that tag implies a light, fluffy, beach book.  And this wasn’t that.  It was simply interesting.

The Little Paris Bookshop

Conceptually, the story is interesting.  I’m purposely not saying anything more, because it wasn’t a terrible book, and you might want to judge for yourself.  I personally always like quests.  And this was a pretty cool catalyst and outcome (if only Perdu would’ve gotten over himself at some point).

The Birth of Venus

I usually don’t love books set in this time period because the age was so hard on women.  I can’t seem to reconcile the romanticism of the period with the reality, and makes me very uncomfortable when I read about it.  But this book was different.