Beyond the Call

There’s a little coffee shop in Waco called Bru.  It’s located in an old elevator, all brass and crimson and Deco, just to the side of a marble lobby in the Praetorian building.  The setting is amazing, and the coffee is the best I’ve ever had.  But, I keep going back because one of the girls who works there is delightful.  We talk about books and writing and coffee, and she always asks me what to read.  I was reading this book when I realized that World War II seems to be my 2017 theme.  I told her I needed to shift topics, and she told not to apologize for reading what I want.  So I won’t.

Dark Invasion 1915: Germany’s Secret War & the Hunt for the First Terrorist Cell in America

Did you know that Germany placed secret agents in the United States during World War I?  And that they carried out terrorist actions on U.S. soil?  I certainly did not. But it happened, and it is better than fiction.