The List

Written by Karin Tanabe

The List


I was in the mood for a book in the vein of The Nanny Diaries when I picked this book up.  I wanted something light, a bit comic, that offered a glimpse into a different world.  This book offered all that and more.  It was fun and interesting and made me giggle.  It also added the bonus of a mystery and political intrigue.

Adrienne, our heroine, leaves her cushy magazine job in New York City for a job at an “important” journal in Washington, D.C.  She makes next to nothing and moves into the groom’s rooms above her parents’ stable in Virginia.  She is not taken seriously by the serious reporters at The Capitolist because she is assigned to the lifestyle section.  She keeps a breakneck pace, hoping to become something more than everyone thinks she is.

The Good

Like the best chick lit, Adrienne meets a handsome, mysterious man who keeps her guessing. She wants the love story, but she also wants to make a name for herself.  In pursuit of both goals, hijinks, intrigue, and adventure ensues.

The supporting cast of this book are also interesting.  Adrienne’s parents and sister are interesting and memorable, despite being almost peripheral.  The other reporters fit neatly into categories that, while occasionally shallow, allow you to keep track of them all and easily understand their place in the story.

There is something delicious about getting to be part of a fast-paced, cutthroat newsroom.  And, just when you think you have the plot figured out, you find out that you don’t.

The Not-So-Good

Most of what I would characterize as not-so-good is directly related to the plot.  And I do not want to give anything away that might ruin the surprises.  One thing I can say is that many of the characters did feel one-dimensional.  They served specialized purposes, so it worked.  But there was potential to make this a richer, more complex story by developing a few people or including a subplot or two.

Final Thoughts

This book is like a palate cleanser for your reading list.  Reading this will clear away the cobwebs of your recent books, and will prime you for whatever book you have coming next.  And I bet you’ll add another Karin Tanabe book to your t0-read list…