Dog On It

Written by Spencer Quinn



Chet is one of my all-time favorite protagonists.  And Bernie’s not too shabby either.  Even if he sometimes takes a while to catch up to Bernie, he’s still the smartest human in the room!

Dog On It is narrated by Chet, a dog who flunked out of police dog school and is now one half of the Little Detective Agency.  Now, I’ve read books narrated by animals before, and they veer quickly into cutesy or too sentient.  Quinn somehow avoids both pitfalls.  In fact, his easily distracted narrator actually adds to the story.  I’m usually too engrossed in the story to truly appreciate the skill involved in crafting this novel, but it is impressive how Quinn tells a tight, action-packed story when Chet can’t count past two, gets distracted by lady dogs, and devolves into random fits of barking.

Beyond the entertainment factor of Chet, Dog On It, and the rest of the series, are entertaining, fast-paced, and smart crime stories.  These are books that I pick up when I’m in a rut or a funk.  They’re fun to read, and I highly recommend them.